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AliansOM was founded in February 1994 by Oleg Kuznetsov and Marina Petrova. In July 2009 Mario Tessitore joined as a partner and the firm was renamed ATKP, after the three partners. ATKP is probably one of the oldest law firms present on the Russian market.

Initially ATKP focused on small and medium enterprises, however over the last 10 ten years our firm has also began working with some leading multinational companies,  several of which trade on European stock exchanges. As well as Russian clients, ATKP represents the interests of companies from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Serbia, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Cyprus, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Malta, Greece, USA, Canada, China, India, UAE and Israel.

ATKP Clients come from an array of business segments: food, fashion, construction, automotive, industrial equipment, pharmaceutical, railway construction, aviation, banking and utilities,

ATKP’s vast experience dates back to the end of the Soviet Union legal system and consequently we have been able to follow closely the major legal changes and developments in Russian legislation. Particular focus has been given to business law and real estate law, where ATKP is considered an experienced legal partner when is comes to dealing with important real estate transactions.

ATKP has built up solid knowledge in defending the interest of its clients in courts. Our lawyers work in courts across vast territory of the Russian Federation.

Additionally, ATKP also provides accounting and tax assistance.

We work to offer the best possible quality of service to our clients, ATKP has always selected its lawyers from the best law schools. Our lawyers and accountants are encouraged to specialize further.

ATKP is dedicated in providing clients cost effective services.



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